I hold women’s rights near and dear to my heart. I was raised by a strong woman who was dedicated to making Chicago an even better place to live, work and raise our families. And in my own generation too often I see that the right to equal pay, equal access to healthcare, equal economic opportunity are still not the norm.

Women are underrepresented in Congress. We are underrepresented among business owners. And in my own company I see that all too often women have to pay more for the same insurance and medical coverage. It’s just not right.

As our next member of Congress I’ll fight every single day to make sure that women get the same protection under the law, the same opportunities, the same honest pay for the same honest work - that everyone enjoys. Because when you protect women, you protect and serve all of our families. And that’s good for ALL of us.

Healthcare and Fertility

As an insurance professional and a small business owner, I see every day how companies and families struggle to get access to basic healthcare. And the absence of it is the leading cause of bankruptcy in our country. It’s that experience that led me to be a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act. I absolutely support the legislation that provided for coverage for all children without exclusions, coverage up to age 26 on parents’ plans, and free preventative healthcare.

I also strongly support the tax credits and savings for small businesses under 25 employees.  But there is still much to be done.

There is still too much confusion among our families and our businesses about what is covered, what the law actually says, and what the impacts of the new legislation will be.

As our next member of Congress, I will fight to protect small business owners from the unintended negative impacts of legislation like ACA. For example, the calculation currently used to verify company size exposes too many small business owners to severe penalties. We can and must do a better job of protecting small businesses while we continue to fix our national healthcare crisis.

Beyond the national discussion surrounding ACA, there are a couple of issues on which I will not waiver. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe in a woman’s right to control our own reproductive system, and access to fertility treatment.

As our next member of Congress, I will fight to protect those rights, and fight to secure equal fertility treatment coverage for same sex partners as well. For me, equal protection under the law should not be determined by the gender of your partner.


As a small business owner, I know how hard the past six years have been on our economy and our families. We’ve weathered the worst economic times of a generation, and now, by most economic measures, we are squarely back on the path to recovery.

But there is no debate that too many of our Chicago men and women are still unemployed, or underemployed, or malemployed.

That’s why as our next member of Congress I will fight hard every day to create more good jobs with good benefits. I will fight to attract more good companies to the greater ChicagoLand area, and I will fight to create a pro-business environment that will directly result in more jobs, and stronger families.

A higher employment rate is a direct result of a great school system, supported vocational training programs, ongoing education or retraining for retiring veterans or employees who have been laid off, and having a voice in Congress who puts creating jobs for others above keeping their own job. Chicago families deserve no less.

Small Business

Small business is the backbone of the United States and a huge economic driver in Chicago. I am passionate about supporting small business in many ways.  We need to work together to shop small business and create more advantageous tax options for small business owners. 

As our next member of Congress I will fight to make sure small business owners finally have a voice at the table.


I am a proud product of Chicago Public Schools (CPS). I grew up in Boystown, later the St. Ben’s area, and went to Abraham Lincoln Elementary (Little Lincoln) for grammar school and then Albert G Lane Technical High School (Lane Tech) for my high school years. I had an amazing CPS experience that included not only a terrific education, but access to sports, clubs and additional extracurricular programming. I’m proud to come from a family of educators.

And as our next member of Congress, I will be a passionate advocate for our teachers, administrators, parents and local school systems.


Our seniors worked their entire lives investing in Social Security, and they deserve to get back every dollar they paid in. That was our country’s promise to the greatest generation. As our next member of Congress I’ll fight any politician who tries to cut those benefits, or break that promise.

For those who are not already fully vested in Social Security, we know the system needs reform or faces budget shortfalls. As a fiscal conservative, I believe it’s time we had a common-sense discussion about how to bridge the financial gap without violating our most precious values. Our families do it every single day when balancing their own budgets, why is it so hard for Washington politicians to do the same thing? As a wife, a new mom, and a small business owner, balancing the books while keeping the peace is something I’m very proficient at.

And as our next member of Congress, I’ll fight to make sure we move back towards a balanced budget on these issues, while not balancing it on the backs of our families, seniors, veterans, schools or small business owners.


Our country's brave men and women in uniform: our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, deserve our unwavering support and thanks. As new and larger numbers of troops return from Afghanistan and elsewhere abroad, we will face even greater challenges meeting their medical, psychological and employment needs. As our next member of Congress, I will fight to keep the typical Washington politics out of answering those needs.

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